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    中国石化新闻网讯 据2月23日Trade Arabia消息:意大利Saipem公司已获得一份价值17亿美元的合同,用于开发位于卡塔尔东北部North Field生产可持续性海上项目。


    管道铺设和吊装作业将由DE HE船在水深约65米的地方执行,利用Saipem的高端耐腐蚀覆层管道焊接技术,以满足客户卡塔尔天然气公司严格的质量要求。





    Saipem E&C Offshore部门首席运营官Stefano Porcari评论道:“Saipem在卡塔尔处于有利地位,并积极执行各种合同,卡塔尔是我们的关键市场,预计在不久的将来会有几项海外投资取得进展。卡塔尔天然气公司的此项收购巩固了我们在天然气行业的地位,巩固了我们在能源转型中的战略作用,并表明了我们对Saipem成功执行和交付具有挑战性项目的经验和成熟能力的信心。此外,它还确认了XSIGHT部门采用的早期参与模型的相关性和有效性,该部门最近提前签订了整个NFPS开发计划的前端工程设计合同。”

    冯娟 摘译自 Trade Arabia


    Saipem to develop Qatar offshore gas project for $1.7 billion

    Saipem has been awarded a $1.7-billion contract to develop the North Field Production Sustainability Offshore Project, located offshore North-East of Qatar.

    The scope of work encompasses the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of various offshore facilities for the extraction and transportation of natural gas, including platforms, supporting and connecting structures, subsea cables and anticorrosion internally cladded pipelines. The work also includes the decommissioning of a pipeline and other significant modifications to existing offshore facilities.

    The pipe-laying and lifting operations will be executed by the DE HE vessel in water depths of approximately 65 m, leveraging on Saipem’s high-end welding technology for corrosion resistant cladded pipelines to meet the client Qatargas’s stringent quality requirements.

    The project aims at increasing the early gas field production capacity to 110 million tonnes per annum.

    This new contract is the latest of a string of projects awarded to Saipem since its return to the country in 2018 with the Barzan project, nearing completion.

    Saipem is already executing the WHP12N Jacket project, awarded in July 2020, which is part of the North Field Production Sustainability Offshore Project development.

    This new contract is included in December 31, 2020, backlog.

    Additionally, Qatargas has also awarded Saipam the contractual package regarding offshore export pipelines and related onshore works of the North Field Production Sustainability Pipelines Project.

    Stefano Porcari, Saipem E&C Offshore Division COO, commented: “Saipem is well positioned and actively executing various contracts in Qatar, a key market for us with several offshore investments expected to progress in the near future. This acquisition by Qatargas consolidates our position in the gas sector, confirms our strategic role in the energy transition and represents a token of confidence in Saipem's experience and proven ability to successfully execute and deliver challenging projects. Furthermore, it also confirms the relevance and effectiveness of the early engagement model adopted through our division XSIGHT, which recently concluded, ahead of time, the Front-End Engineering Design contract for the whole NFPS development programme”.








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