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    中国石化新闻网讯 据油气新闻网站7月2日消息 全球石油和天然气行业要想从部署人工智能、大数据和分析、机器人和量子计算等先进数字技术中获益,就需要接受新的商业思维和新的数字技能。






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    BP invests $5m in a cloud-based software firm

    The global oil and gas industry needs to embrace a new business mindset and new digital skills if it is to reap the benefits from deploying advanced digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, robotics and quantum computing.

    Participating in the latest Adipec Energy Dialogue, Morag Watson, BP senior vice president of digital science and engineering, said the oil and gas industry has been slower than other industries to open up to the possibilities of leveraging digital technologies in order to compete and succeed in the energy transition.

    "For me it is not just about the technology," Watson said. "Many of the technologies have been on a reasonably fast trajectory for a while. The industry has to be open to thinking, how can we do things differently?

    "It doesn't just happen by saying here are 10 robots that are going to do your work for you. It just doesn't work that way. You have to have the right business mindset to make it possible for the technology to radically change how you do things."

    Highlighting the oil and gas industry is still at the beginning of how digital technologies can help it meet the challenges being created by the energy transition, Watson said companies should look outside the industry for innovative ideas on how to use digital technologies to help them stay successful.

    Watson cited BP's $5 million investment in a Satelytics - a cloud-based geospatial analytics software company that uses advanced spectral imagery and machine learning to monitor environmental changes, including methane emissions - as an example of how BP is making strategic investments in innovative, game-changing technologies and businesses that can help it reimagine the global energy system.






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