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  Incorporated in Beijing in 1992, Dacheng is among the earliest established partnership law firms in China. Over the years, Dacheng has been widely recognized as a leading full-service law firm in China with extensive experience in all major practicing areas, especially legal risk management and legal dispute resolution. Dacheng is uniquely positioned by our years of practicing experience, close work communication with governmental agencies and judicial authorities and thorough understanding of international and domestic business operation to provide superior and efficient legal services to our domestic and foreign clients.

  As a full-service firm, we represent and advise clients across the full spectrum of legal issues and commercial transaction, inter alia:

  Real Estate and Construction;


  Environmental Protection;

  International Investment and Financing;

  BOT Projects;

  International Trade;

  Mergers and Acquisitions;

  Enterprise Reorganization and Reform;

  Securities and Capital Markets;

  Banking and Finance;

  Infrastructure Development and Project Finance;

  Intellectual Property;

  Mining and Natural Resources;

  Labor and Employment; and

  Legal Risk Management and Legal Dispute Resolution.

  Dacheng is located in Beijing with offices in Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Jinan, Chongqing, Shenyang, Xian, which enable us to maintain closest work communication with the governmental agencies and judicial authorities with a view to protect our clients’ interests in China to the most. Dacheng has over 300 lawyers and professionals, who can work in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. All of our lawyers are graduates from prestigious universities in China and abroad and most have advanced degrees. Many of our lawyers have worked or studied in USA, Britain, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan. What is more important, a large percentage of our lawyers have the career experience of in-house counsel and thus are familiar with international and domestic business operation, which enable us to understand our clients’ demand at a deeper level and make our legal services always precisely meet our clients’ needs.

  Since our inception, we have represented clients in diverse industries including domestic and foreign governmental agencies/ multinational companies, domestic and foreign big businesses, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, investment funds and have acquired abundant experience therefrom. Our reputation for excellence in legal risk management and legal dispute resolution is highly acknowledged by our clients.

  We have represented clients in industries as divers as real estate and construction, infrastructure, environmental protection, telecommunications, information technology and Internet, software, power, banking, insurance, securities, petroleum and natural gas, mining, roads, aviation, automobiles, machinery, electronics, metallurgy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, foreign trade, consumables, retail, ports, logistics, sports, entertainment and media.

  Dacheng is organized into departments led by partner lawyers with specialized expertise to meet our clients’ demand for highly professional legal services. Besides, Dacheng will appoint an account team composed of lawyers with related expertise from diverse departments to provide our clients with comprehensive, accurate and exercisable solutions as customized to specific clients’ needs and case contexts

  We place great importance on maintaining close and regular contacts with legislative, administrative, and judicial authorities in China. This enables us to obtain instant access to official practices regarding the application of existing laws, regulations, and policies, as well as information on the latest legislative trends. In addition, we have established strong, cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign professional organizations, such as securities firms, investment banks, law firms, certified public accountants, asset appraisal firms, chambers of commerce, and international bar associations.

  While our reputation for excellence in law practices and achievements is evident through our extensive client base, we are acknowledged and awarded by Chinese and foreign institutions. Dacheng was listed among the most flourishing law firms in China and Asia for 2006 by ALB of Hong Kong. In addition, the Intellectual Property Rights Department of Japan External Trade Organization has put Dacheng on the Referral List of Chinese Law Firms in Intellectual Property Rights.




















  自其成立以来,大成在多个法律服务领域为国内外政府机构、跨国集团、国内外大型企业、公司、银行、非银行金融机构、保险公司、基金提供了优质高效的法律服务, 并从中积累了丰富的执业经验,其卓越的法律风险管理和法律纠纷解决能力获得了客户高度赞誉。




  大成在以其卓越的服务水准和出色的工作业绩获得客户高度赞誉的同时,还获得了国内外各类机构的认可和奖励。自成立以来大成先后荣获 “北京市文明律师事务所”、“北京市优秀律师事务所”、“部级文明律师事务所”、“全国优秀律师事务所”。大成被香港ALB杂志评为2006年中国及亚洲地区蓬勃发展中的律师事务所之一。大成是日本贸易振兴机构知识产权部推荐的中国知识产权代理律师事务所之一。

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